Frequently Asked Questions
Why do mortgages take so long?
Most mortgage brokers don't take the time to ask the appropriate questions specific to your needs and circumstances.
Since mortgage companies all pay the same amount for money, why is there such a wide range of rates on any given day?
The wide range is due to overhead, advertising and undisclosed costs.
How do I determine what combination of rates, points and fees (if any) I have to pay?
This is based on our analysis of how long you've owned your home and the time remaining until your next refinance.
What does "financial diversification" mean?
Financial diversification is much more than owning different kinds of stocks. True diversification is having different asset allocation in the forms of a home, stocks, bonds, other real estate, appropriate insurance and hard assests.
How do you determine your short-term and long-term financial goals?
We do an analysis based on number of years, inflation rate and personal targets.
How do I stay out of consumer debt?
The key is to develop a financial plan. Those who fail to plan typically plan to fail.
Is it true that most divorces are caused by disagreements over money?
Not money itself, but what to do with it.
How does one determine "risk" and what to consider "risky"?
One determines risk by becoming educated on not only the investment being considered but also its alternative.
What is "APR" and how is it determined?
APR is calculated by adding the appropriate finance fees to the interest rate and amoritizing that amount over a 30 year period.
Are negative amortization mortgages financially responsible?
As with any financial tool, it can be misused. Our analysis will determine if it is appropriate for you.
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