About Us


Financial Funding Exchange has over 22 years of experience in helping people choose the right mortgage to reach their financial goals.

FFE is a unique company that can help you fund and realize your long-term financial goals through an integrated approach.

We are not merely a mortgage broker, financial planner or real estate investor in the traditional sense of these terms. These business are typically "one product" shops and do not help you to combine all these disciplines into a long-term plan.

FFE, by design, does not sell insurance, securities or retirement plans to ensure that each client receives objective financial advice.

With FFE’s assistance, clients can travel the path to financial independence through an integrated plan that includes mortgage financing, financial planning and real estate investments.

FFE helps you to determine and set attainable financial goals.

We perform a critical analysis of your current financial status and goals.

FFE evaluates and ascertains any financial gaps which would prevent you from reaching your financial goals.

FFE then helps you to formulate a strategy, plan and timetable to avoid and correct those gaps and put you on a path to reach your targeted goals.

Financial Funding Exchange is a company that is interested in your personal long-term financial goals and wants to help you reach them.